Monks as Smugglers?

It’s no secret that silk was a closely guarded secret of the ancient Chinese, but did you know that it was two monks who were responsible for the growth of the silk industry in the West? Sometime around 550 AD, these monks smuggled silkworm eggs and larva out of China in hollowed out bamboo canes with the promise of unknown rewards by the reigning Roman Emperor, Justinian. Once in the hands of the Roman Empire, the silk industry flourished in the West!

Tao’s Silk Resurfacing Balm

You won’t need to do engage in any illicit activities to enjoy the smoothness of silk. Tao’s Silk Resurfacing Balm is a rich, organic cream that utilizes silk peptide, which is produced from the center of the silk fiber and can be absorbed directly into the skin. The silk peptide is coupled with natural avocado oil, which is extremely soothing and increased collagen production. This formulation helps speed healing and is a perfect moisturizer for use after a daily cleanser, such as Tao Skin Care Organic Green Tea Cleanser, or after professional treatments such as microdermabrasion or mild chemical peels.